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In December 1998, a friend introduced us to Advocare. Bob was a Pilot with a major airline. June was a Personal Trainer and had been in the Fitness Industry for 20+ years. By simply using the products (Spark, MNS, Meal Replacement Shakes), June lost 10 lbs over the Christmas Holidays. We were extremely excited with our results. We have both lost 20 lbs each, have maintained our weight loss and have the energy to keep up with our four grandchildren. In January 1999, we met Advocare's Founder, Charlie Ragus. Since then, Advocare has become a major factor in our lives. Our Advocare business has been wonderful, and our personal/spiritual lives have grown immeasurably. The most exciting part of our entire Advocare journey has been the life-long friendships we have made while helping others to achieve optimal health and financial freedom with these products and opportunity. If your desire is to feel better, lose weight, pay off debt or build a residual income, we are here to help. We look forward to hearing from you soon. June & Bob Jenney 512-261-4785 512-657-2036
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